Why Rejuvi Laboratory?

  • Has one of the Most Researched Skincare Technologies available on the market
  • Focuses on Skin Rejuvenation & Proven Results
  • Makes use of Advanced Biochemistry, Dermatological Research, Natural Herbology and Modern Cosmetic Chemistry
  • Produces a unique range of modern skin, body and hair Rejuvenation Products




Special Care

From time to time our skin may need some special care and attention, such as to repair spider veins, stop ingrown hairs, or ease sunburn and insect bites.


A long time ago, in a land extremely far away, a small fountain of youth overflowed abundantly - offering refreshing, incredible sips of anti-aging magic. It was the perfect remedy for wrinkles and lines, textures and skin tones, it protected against sun damage and easily lifted bits.

Then all of the sudden, like some cruel joke, reality came in and no such magical time machine fountain ever existed. This forced women everywhere to search for the next best thing.

It is called Rejuvi Anti-Aging.

Today there is a surplus of anti-aging skin care products like creams, serums, gels and powders that are all claiming to be this fountain of youth. But most of them do not actually work.

The journey to a youthful skin never stops and skincare science moves so quickly there is always a “latest discovery” jostling for your attention. The recipe for looking after your skin, however, has not changed in the last centuries; cleanse thoroughly, use a good moisturiser, take make up off before bed, don't smoke, eat well, sleep well, drink plenty of water and use SPF. For those whose halo has slipped, we’ve got some potent anti aging products & anti wrinkle creams to help counter bad habits.

We can't turn back time, but with proper care we can help our skin fight the effects of aging and help keep lines and wrinkles to a minimum.


Skin Care through the ages - 50's...

June 29, 2015

By now, skin starts to acquire true 'character' in the form of fine wrinkles, and the lines you develop in your fifties and sixties may deepen into folds. This is because, post-menopausal, there's much less estrogen being produced and without estrogen, skin becomes thinner and more fragile.

Skin Care through the ages - 40's...

June 26, 2015

Deeper lines begin to etch around the mouth and eyes, furrows appear on the forehead and circles under the eyes may grow into pouches. Most women's skin becomes noticeably drier.